This blog post is by guest blogger Graeme Essen. Our dear friend and South African photographer.

Strike A Pose

Somewhere along the line, my yoga practice and photography overlapped.

Over the past two years now, I have been fortunate to take photographs for Liquido Fashion (the official Liquido reseller for the Netherlands and Belgium). Any reference to Liquido at this point is in reference to the official reseller for the Netherlands and Belgium and by no means the parent company.

I had a really interesting 1 week period in February as I:

  1. Was the official photographer again for Liquido Fashion
  2. One week later was on the other side of the camera for a photoshoot.

Behind the camera

The shoots I have done for Liquido Fashion before have always been either very small (2 people) or at the beginning of both Liquido’s career and my photography. As such that first shoot, while having 5 people in it, was more relaxed.

Last week Wednesday was a bit of an eye opener as we had 10 yogis rock up for the shoot. I quickly called in my buddy Konrad to assist with the idea of being able to split the girls into groups and have Konrad and I shooting different themes at the same time.

One of the biggest challenges was by far making sure everyone knew what they were doing and not standing around for too long. Giving directions is something I never thought I would need for my photography but I am slowly understanding the importance of being able to direct and position people.

Having a yoga practice of my own helped as now I knew some of the positions to get the ladies into and which poses translated well for the camera.

During post editing I realised a few mistakes I had made and could have done better to get some better photos. We still landed up with some really great photos so as usual it has been a great learning experience for me and my photography.

All in all it was a lot of work but also a lot of fun and as always I’m always looking forward to more work with Liquido Fashion.

Behind the scenes

In front of the camera

Exactly one week after being the photographer, Isabel (my wife) and I took part in a photoshoot. The location was absolutely stunning and this time there were 14 of us in total. I felt quite honoured in that I was one of two male yogis on set. The atmosphere was really relaxed and even though it was physical it was a lot of fun.

Watching the photographer in action was an experience as well. He directed the group brilliantly but also not too much, allowing the ‘class’ to carry on and only directing us once he saw something he needed redone or would make the shot that much better. He and his crew were really relaxed which made it easier to work with them as well.

The fun part of the shoot was how everyone came from a yoga background and in between shots we were just playing around and trying things out. The ‘class’ was great as the ‘instructor’ was talking throughout and passing some fun comments while the photographers had us holding poses.

In the end it felt like a yoga class more than anything else and the people who were there were just such a great bunch.

I’m easy to spot in this photo – I’m the one with almost zero flexibility.

Graeme Essen, Oh No Yoga