MiniMe: like mother, like daughter

“A daughter is just a little girl who grows up to be your best friend!”


Very often we have received the question if we also sell these great leggings for kids. It has been a long time coming, but Lí­Quido Fashion proudly presents to you our Lí­Quido Kids Line. Beautiful leggings for girls!

Introducing to you: our brand new MiniMe-Selection from the Lí­Quido Kids Collection. We know how amazing it is to spend quality time with your little girl. Daughters always look up to their mothers and imitate them as the role model they are. Now your daughter can join you in your practice wearing the same amazing, stretchy, soft pattern leggings!

Like Mother, Like Daughter!

You and your little one can rock together in our soft, colorful, fun leggings.
Very soft and stretchy, so you can move, jump, play and have fun together.
Made with love just for your “mommy and me” moments.

The MiniMe leggings come in 3 different sizes, based on age: 4-6-8 years old. Select Small for your 4 year old, Medium for 6 years old and Large is for 8 year old girls. You can order them individually or get matching pairs of leggings for yourself and your little princess.
**Every Liquido pant is unique so your pair may vary from the picture you see on the website. Liquido ladies are one of a kind and your pants are too!**

We love to see you and your girl enjoying your leggings, so feel free to share photos with us!


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