//Be unique and exclusive

Be unique and exclusive

Limited EditionDid you know that all patterned items are limited edition?

Lí­Quido understands the need to stand out in the crowd and be your unique self, and how clothing can enhance the expression of your personality. Just like you, all of our Brazilian designs are one-of-a-kind. Therefore all the patterned items such as the leggings are produced in limited numbers. That way a unique print will only be available for a limited amount of time before it is sold out. This minimizes the chance of you running into someone wearing the exact same pair of leggings.

All the patterns used by Lí­Quido are unique and for Lí­Quido to use exclusively. Many prints are actually designed by the Lí­Quido designers themselves. They always try to be on top of the trends in fashion, be innovative and create items you will instantly fall in love with. Once sold out, patterns will never be repeated again!

Because we want to keep things interesting, Lí­Quido does not work with season collections. New pieces are introduced on a very frequent basis: there are new items developed every week and we aim to offer you new pieces in our collection here at Lí­Quido Fashion EVERY MONTH! Sometimes that means a number of new prints for our pattern leggings, the next month we will introduce a completely new sports bra in several different colours.

Because we want to keep delivering new and exciting pieces to you, this means our collection is constantly changing. And because many items are only produced in limited numbers, most items cannot be ordered again once they’ve sold out.

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